Friday, April 30, 2010

How Convenient

How convenient:

Der Fuhrer, Obama, gave his “blessings” for the energy companies to resume exploration/drilling in our coastal waters, and;


All of a sudden we have an offshore rig explode, sink and start leaking oil into the Louisiana coastal waters. And, concurrently, we have two coal mine disasters in Kentucky and West Virginia. Total human body count 43. Thirty-two in the mines and eleven in the oil well platform explosion.
Concerning the gulf, it took Der Fuhrer an extended period of time (over a week) to make a statement AND shut down future exploration for petroleum reserves. He can be excused for not acting sooner due to the fact he was on his "look and see how great the economy is since I took over" tour(s).
Add to this the increase in food prices due to our governments insistence on “renewable energy resources”. In this case, ethanol, which cost more per BTU to produce, requires more raw product, in this case corn and other grains that could be fed to humans and livestock, use of another resource that is in short supply, water and ethanol is not easily transported nor is it as efficient as petroleum.
Where is Der Fuhrer and his multi-nationalist friends taking us?
How about to a world wide famine, a world wide energy shortage, the non-moslem world, except CHINA, being held hostage, for energy, by the likes of that “paper hanging” SOB in Iran, the Saudi sheiks, etc.
Add to this the fact that Der Fuhrer is hell-bent to jam a new energy bill and immigration “reform” down our throats.

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